NOJHL partners with InStat

SUDBURY, Ont. – The Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League announced Monday that they have entered into a partnership for the 2021-22 season, with InStat, a statistical analysis and video scouting company.

The InStat platform is currently used by hockey leagues, federations and organizations world wide.

It has proven to be a vital tool for coaches, scouts and management in data and communication.

Assisting in the coaching process, player development, statistical analysis and video scouting, NOJHL team coaches and players can receive detailed game-by-game analytical reports, player shifts, and emailed web links, all corresponding to data-specific video.

“In the ever-growing realm of analytics in the game, we at the NOJHL are excited about the opportunity being made available to our member clubs, players and officials,” offered league commissioner Robert Mazzuca.

“INSTAT will provide each of our players with post-game video and statistical analysis of their game performance,” added Mazzuca. “Each of our team coaches will also be able to use the video and analytical reports as a teaching tool and the teams will be able to use video clips in their respective social media posts.”

Mazzuca went on to provide: “The NOJHL takes great pride in our various initiatives, be it our Concussion Safety Program or our Talk Today Program, in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, which promotes positive mental health while supporting individuals who may find themselves in crisis. Our agreement with InStat is just another example of our ongoing commitment to our coaches, players and officials for the betterment of the NOJHL.”
In discussing the new partnership, InStat’s North American director, Mark Yates, provided: “I want to thank the NOJHL, especially commissioner Robert Mazzuca, for this opportunity to work together.”

“We look forward to fulfilling our promise to provide quality service and to be a valued partner of the NOJHL and its member teams.”


A list of what will be received from InStat following games:


Full statistical & video breakdown of every NOJHL game
Post-game analytical reports
Pre-scout analytical reports
The opportunity to watch and use NHL clips as a coaching development tool
Receive access to all leagues (any game video/stats/clips available to review)


Provided their own player page, plus access to NHL team and player pages
A one-page, individual, analytical report after each game
Direct video links to their important actions and all shifts
Can create their own highlights by clipping videos, creating their own playlists and sharing or downloading videos
Can watch NHL players to learn from the best and develop their own game.

All of this will aid in maximizing player exposure to NHL, CHL, NCAA D-I, D-III, and USPORTS teams.

All clients at the above levels will have direct access to the NOJHL teams and players.

InStat’s partnership with RinkNet also offers seamless access for scouts to view NOJHL player video (from InStat) directly from a player’s RinkNet profile.


The capability to enter the platform and review their performance(s).
Receive video links to their actions, calls and a full post-game report via email.
NOJHL staff to receive access to the platform for the purposes of disciplinary review, marketing, promotion, player & coach development, etc.


InStat Sport, founded in 2007, is a leading provider of performance analysis services in football/soccer, basketball and hockey. InStat clients in hockey range from the top North American and European professional leagues, along with collegiate, junior and minor hockey leagues and teams in both men’s and women’s play. For more information regarding the InStat platform and range of services, visit